Fake news filter

Community powered filter for fake news on Facebook

Fake news filter | Филтър за фалшиви новини

Fake news filter helps fighting one of the worst plagues of digital age – misleading information presented as news. The one we built uses contributions of Facebook users to calculate score for each individual post.

For this project first we had to create a Google Chrome extension, that determined the type of each Facebook post. If it was a picture gallery, all paths of the images should have been retrieved. If it was an external link it’s URL should have been get. Similarly if the post was an advertisement, game or a text post, all corresponding data should have been obtained. A badge, that showed the content type, was appended to each post.

After that the extension identified the unique ID of the post. This was not an easy task, as Facebook obscures a lot of information for it’s content, to prevent ad-blockers and automated bots to detect it. So we had to use our best skills in Javascript to bypass all obstacles.

Finally the user could click a button to mark the post as fake or trustworthy. All clicks are submitted to a remote server, where the rating of the post is calculated.

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