Securely transfer files

Hacking is a major threat to online privacy and business operations. How can one be sure that if he or she uploads files to a web server, any sensitive information in them won’t be stolen?

DittoCast, answers that question, by encrypting the files before uploading them to the server and decrypting them back only after they’re downloaded, thus administrators and potential hackers, cannot at any time see what’s inside. This would be easy if the person that uploads the files is the same who downloads them, but if the files need to be sent to someone else, then another approach is needed.

We created this application by implementing an A to Z exchange of public RSA keys of the sender and the recipient, using jQuery and the Digital Bazaar’s library Forge. It’s users can transfer securely multiple files, with size up to 4 GB, using only a browser, send invitations and exchange messages with the recipients, using the same service.




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