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Betting Odds Scraper | Скрейпър за залагания

Betting odds scraper is a necessity for those who want to profit from gambling. Timely and accurate information is crucial if large amounts are at stake.

For this project we had to find a way to get the odds of two of the most popular bookmakers in UK – Bet365 and William Hill, in real time. This task was quite hard as website uses web sockets to update its’ results. On other hand Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling restricted access to William Hill’s site, so we had to use proxy servers to bypass IP blocking.

Management of the scraped data was also a challenge, because of it’s size and speed of delivery. The scraper sent up to 120 snapshots to the server for each of the football matches. So we optimized the database. Luckily this is one of our specialties, so we indexed and partitioned the tables, until the betting odds scraper achieved the desired performance.


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